Congratulations to Williams & White Machine, 2013's #6 Most Innovative Company in B.C.

BC Business

Mention “robots” and one of two things usually comes to mind: evil technology gone awry, as in 2001: A Space Odyssey, or futuristic servants catering to our every whim, à la The Jetsons.

Automated industrial manufacturing may not be quite as sexy as movie and TV robots, but neither is it the stuff of science fiction: it’s here, and it’s boosting manufacturing productivity. And one Vancouver firm is on the cutting edge of robotics innovation.

Williams & White Machine Inc. is a Burnaby company that got its start in 1957 fabricating bridge and construction components. It branched into sawmill components and about a decade ago it spawned a new division, called Remtech Systems, specializing in industrial automation. Under a company reorganization now underway, the fledgling division is about to be launched as a stand-alone company under the Williams & White group of companies.

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