On the Cutting Edge: The Williams & White Group of Companies

In its modest beginning as Claxton and Williams, a Vancouver-based partnership between Christopher Williams, Jack Claxton, and Len Claxton, the company was strictly a machining operation with contracts from local industries.

Chris Williams migrated from England just after World War II and worked for a number of different shops as a machinist and toolmaker before his partnership with the Claxton brothers. A few years later, the Claxton brothers sold their shares in the company to Len White, the other half of the company’s contemporary namesake. Eventually the company would become a single-family business when Chris and Margaret Williams bought the remaining shares from White in 1963. The consolidation would mark the beginning of the company’s major expansion into manufacturing and increasing notoriety among local industries.

The company was still a jobbing facility, servicing various components that were needed within Vancouver’s prevalent sawmill industry. Its focus consisted of working with small lathes and other milling machines within the shop.

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